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Spot the difference…

Well, fencing sure has changed in the last editions of the Olympics 😊 But it is not the only sport… Nice and creative way to educate staff at Rio 2016…toilet design ✨

Pop art

Just spent a weekend in Provence, where poppy fields are starting to impress tourists, artists and alike! Can’t stop to think about Andy Warhol when I see this picture…✨

La classe

How appealing can a toilet sign be in a stadium…? La classe…only in France 😊


How often have you been overwhelmed by packaging? How often did you buy a product because of the way it is presented? The way that food is displayed plays a decisive role on how much you can expect…also to pay… Enjoy this packaging of…rice ?

A rather wet and miserable day

What a wet and miserable day it was today! The lack of views made my attention wander to the many different kinds of design, which can be found in the beautiful city of Lisboa. Enjoy!

An unusual experience

What an unusual…and very pleasantly surprising experience it was at the Insolito in Lisboa: from food to service over to the decoration.