Pasta e piselli

Caption: Pasta e piselli: fry some finely chopped onions and garlic, add some kind of fatty meat and continue to fry on a low level until the fat is out (I used wild boar sauggage). Add the peas, some tomatoes (I used concentrated purée), water and let it simmer. Add the pasta (I used orzo) and some greens…due to lack of parsley, I added the leaves from some radishes. I also added the rind from the Parmesan I still had. Let it all cook together until the pasta is cooked to your likings.

#pastaepiselli #comfortfood #nostalgic #bringsbackmemories #inmomskitchen #iamitalian #wildboarsausage #cookingwithparmesanrind #makingitupasigoalong

Location: Samstagern

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