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Beetroot from leaf to root

I am currently still in the beautiful Provence and one of the many things I enjoy are the marchés des producteurs. The other day I found some gorgeous looking beetroot and could not hold myself. Don‘t you just love these leaves…they look like they have blood going through their veins. […]

Balanced meal

What is a balanced meal for you? Do you have a list of what you should resp should not be eating? Do you trust your cravings? For last night’s dinner party I went for what my guests and I like, knowing that all in all it is a balanced meal: […]

Goose egg

My first goose egg and I am literally overwhelmed! Really not sure what to do with it… I read that geese lay there eggs between October and May…so we are definitely coming to the end of the season. While hen lay up to 200 eggs a year, geese lay a […]

Pretty, tasty … but not quite right

When a foodie wants to impress a restaurant owner … Both the super tasty cornbread from Ottolenghi‘s Simple and the delicious blood orange and pistachio cake from Honey & Co look amazing but unfortunately they were not quite right in terms of texture this time around. Lessons learned for next […]

Emmer and spelt bread sandwich

It’s been a busy few days, but I have managed to make my first no-kneed bread: the combination of emmer whole wheat and spelt flour give the bread a nice and rustic taste. I also added a few walnuts to enhance the flavours. This sandwich was life-saving during an intese […]

Radicchio cake with white chocolate icing

A few days ago I saw a post from @emikodavies which inspired me to try out this unusual combination of a bitter salad in a sweet cake … a beautiful cake … ready to sweeten my Monday morning


As you can see, I am in my weekend mode…projects that are a bit more elaborative … but soooo tasty. Tonight I will enjoy these crunchy freshly made fennel seed taralli with a glass of Petite Arvine. For about 70-80 taralli you will need: – 400g flour – 2.5 dl […]


About a week ago I set myself a challenge: home made brioche….and I am sooooo proud 😊 For sure I will make this a regular for my brunches…but the main ingredient, time, will probably be more of a challenge then during this lockdown period. The ingredients and method are not […]

Pollo spaccato e speziato

Why wait over 2 years to finally cook this delicious chicken dish…? Make sure you get an organic farm chicken to ensure the full taste! Wash it throughly and bath it in salted water for ca. 15 mins. During that time, make the marinade: juice of a lemon, 2-3 crushed […]