About a week ago I set myself a challenge: home made brioche….and I am sooooo proud 😊 For sure I will make this a regular for my brunches…but the main ingredient, time, will probably be more of a challenge then during this lockdown period.

The ingredients and method are not that unusual…it is more the frequent and longer resting periods in between some TLC that make this French speciality a bit more laborious than a regular loaf of bread.

I made one loaf as follows:

About 3h before starting with the dough, I took out 3 eggs and 115g of butter out of the fridge. They are easier to process once they are at room temperature.

Next I mixed together 75g of flour, 5g active dry yeast, 25g of sugar and 4g of salt. To these dry ingredients I added 60 ml of warm water and made sure I had a homogeneous paste before I continued by adding one egg at the time…again ensuring that the egg is well incorporated before adding the next one. Next I added 130g of flour ensuring also here that I had a homogeneous mixture. Next came the butter, which was nice and soft and easy to incorporate…and finally another 115g of flour. Once I had a nice and soft batter, I let it rise to the double at room temperature, which took about 3h.

Before I then let it rest over night in the fridge, I deflated the fluffy dough, mixed it and covered it again with a wax cloth.

This morning I took it out of the fridge and formed it before giving it another 3h of rising at room temperature – again covered with a wax cloth.

Once the oven was at 180 degrees, I put the loaf onto it’s final journey for 35 mins. During this time I prepared the final touch: 1 teaspoon of sugar with 1 tablespoon of water mixed for the light sugar coating, which went on immediately after the brioche came out of the oven. Once it was no longer hot, I could take it out of the tin and was sure it would not break.

Wish I could transmit the smell via this post!

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