Eggplant caponata

And another great receipe from Sicily: eggplant caponata: never did I think that the mise-en-place was as important as during my first on-line cooking class today!

What I also learnt is that the eggplant cubes need to be floating in the oli while frying. Put as many cubes as the pan holds and don’t turn them until they are crispy all around. Through this process, the pores close and the eggplant absorbs less oil and stays crispy. Quickly cook the diced celery stalks until they are soft, but still have a bite.

To assemble the caponata, fry a finely sliced onion on low heat until it is soft and cooked. Add the celery, some capers, sliced green onions as well as some seasoned tomato sauce. Mix all together before adding the honey/vinegar mix, which gives the caponata it’s unique sweet and sour taste. Let the vinegar evaporate before gently mixing in the fried eggplant cubes.

Let the caponata cool off on a nice plate and arrange with halves of hard boiled eggs and chopped parsley.

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