My first homemade granola

Can you believe that after so many years of passionate cooking and baking it was not until yesterday that I made my first homemade granola!

And can you believe that I actually planned to make something else and the „happy mistake“ at least gave me granola as a result.

I had the intention to make granola bars for a colleague traveling to New Zealand end of this week. Poor girl, she needs to quarantine in her hotel room for 2 weeks!!! Since I know that she loves to snack on healthy nibbles, I thought something made with love and just for her will hopefully give her comfort during this difficult time. I got mom to buy me all the ingredients and yesterday was supposed to be the day I try a delicious sounding receipe from a fellow foodie. Confident and content with the preparation, I turned the oven on and once the mass was golden brown, I took it out of the oven. I equipped myself with the best possible knife for the delicate operation of cutting the mass into bars..only to find out that the texture was too dry and it all just crumbled away…

Of course I was disappointed at first, but then quickly bashed up the entire amount and turned it on the baking try, gave it another few minutes in the oven and there you go…I had my first homemade granola.

Hopefully my colleague can enjoy the granola Down Under and it helps her body, mind and soul.

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