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Obrigada, Portugal….obrigada Lisboa! What a fantastic way to end one and start another year…after 109 km of walking, lots of delicious seafood and fish as well as sweet and tasty organges, wine, olives and beer…after heavy rainfall, breathtaking sunsets, stormy winds and warm rays of sun, after a lot of […]


When in The Decadente….then Decadente…

A rather wet and miserable day

What a wet and miserable day it was today! The lack of views made my attention wander to the many different kinds of design, which can be found in the beautiful city of Lisboa. Enjoy!

An unusual experience

What an unusual…and very pleasantly surprising experience it was at the Insolito in Lisboa: from food to service over to the decoration.

Feliz Ano Novo

What a start to 2016…may every day be like a stroll along the beach


What a great fish market…with the fish being so fresh all I really want is a kitchen for a few hours