Another Italian Easter tradition: after the richness of Easter and in full spring, once the first greens of the year can be harvested, Italians like to bake what they call Erbazzone…erba is grass… an assembly of greens.  It is tasty the day you make it and it is a great snack for the following days.

You make a simple dough (300g flour, 70g butter, salt and enough warm water to make it a smooth and flexible dough). The filling is as many and whatever greens you wish to have. I used chard, leek, spinach, the leaves of cabbage turnip and the leaves of cellery sticks. You then season (salt, pepper, nutmeg) all together while frying it in olive oil with some garlic. I also added some feta as it needed using.

Once the dough has rested, half it and roll it out as thin as possible. Get rid of the liquid (you can use it as a tasty soup) and place the greens onto the bottom dough before closing  it with the other half of the dough. Before baking it at 170 degrees for 30-45 mins coat it with some milk or cream.

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