Artichokes and preserved lemons

This not really a receipe, more a creative moment in my kitchen: A few days ago I cooked some artichokes with lemon until they were both nice and tender. I then drained them while keeping the water I had cooked them in.

Tonight I decided to cook some red wheat tagliatelle from #slowgrow in the artichoke and lemon infused cooking water.

While the pasta was cooking along, I quickly sliced some garlic cloves and a preserved lemon and on a  low heat fried them. Then added some of the pasta water and let the sauce simer. Once the tagliatelle were al dente, I drained them before adding them to the sauce. I turned off the heat and tossed the tagliatelle until they amalgamated with the sauce.

Before serving I added a good grate of 24 year old parmesan.

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