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Pop art

Just spent a weekend in Provence, where poppy fields are starting to impress tourists, artists and alike! Can’t stop to think about Andy Warhol when I see this picture…✨

Monday morning drug

What a way to start the day: it is grey and cold outside…but this will give a boost to my heart and soul…good morning Budapest, good morning to a new week 🍀😊✨

Happy faces

Had the chance to be at the refugees day of ProRefugees in Zurich on 31.01.16 and was overwhelmed with the happy faces I could see everywhere…refugees, organisers, volunteers, host, etc. What a nice way to end the first month of 2016. February…bring it on…!!  

Happiness is…

… A blue sky ☀️ I was sure to be an addict to the sun…but how happy can you get by finally seeing a blue sky…⁉️

Every once in a while

I still go through longer sessions at the hospital, which drain me out. Are the chemicals really helping me? Rather then doubting, I use the “time I get” during treatment to reflect about my life, where I come from and where I want to go to…


One of my several passions I have is hosting. Of course, I need the time to feel at ease, but then I can forget the world around me and plan, cook, prepare, bake and obviously enjoy the actual hosting. Today was a Moroccan day (perhaps because some warmth is needed […]

A day for…

I used to have a boss who told me on grey, wet and miserable days to not be sad and crave for the sun, but be happy that such a day is a day for the ducks ? After sooo many of these days, I have found another species, which […]

Welcome back!

Welcome back into my life, beloved cappuccino! After a long 253 mornings with mineral water (initially and later) with mango lassi…welcome back! Your smooth touch to my lips, your warm soul and your earthy taste was dearly missed…welcome back!