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The golden side of life…

It is today two years that I was diagnosed with breast cancer…two long years with ups…and downs…two long years with amazing support for which I am forever grateful 😊 When life gives you lemons, make juice πŸ‹ and when life gives you gold…be grateful ⭐️

Happy faces

Had the chance to be at the refugees day of ProRefugees in Zurich on 31.01.16 and was overwhelmed with the happy faces I could see everywhere…refugees, organisers, volunteers, host, etc. What a nice way to end the first month of 2016. February…bring it on…!!  


How often have you been overwhelmed by packaging? How often did you buy a product because of the way it is presented? The way that food is displayed plays a decisive role on how much you can expect…also to pay… Enjoy this packaging of…rice ?

Happiness is…

… A blue sky β˜€οΈ I was sure to be an addict to the sun…but how happy can you get by finally seeing a blue sky…⁉️

Every once in a while

I still go through longer sessions at the hospital, which drain me out. Are the chemicals really helping me? Rather then doubting, I use the “time I get” during treatment to reflect about my life, where I come from and where I want to go to…


One of my several passions I have is hosting. Of course, I need the time to feel at ease, but then I can forget the world around me and plan, cook, prepare, bake and obviously enjoy the actual hosting. Today was a Moroccan day (perhaps because some warmth is needed […]

A day for…

I used to have a boss who told me on grey, wet and miserable days to not be sad and crave for the sun, but be happy that such a day is a day for the ducks ? After sooo many of these days, I have found another species, which […]


Obrigada, Portugal….obrigada Lisboa! What a fantastic way to end one and start another year…after 109 km of walking, lots of delicious seafood and fish as well as sweet and tasty organges, wine, olives and beer…after heavy rainfall, breathtaking sunsets, stormy winds and warm rays of sun, after a lot of […]