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Although it is snowing outside โ„๏ธ (yes, on 28.04), just a quick reminder of what spring looks like… Carpe diem…sunny and strawberry infiltrated days will come again… โ˜€๏ธ๐Ÿ“


How often have you been overwhelmed by packaging? How often did you buy a product because of the way it is presented? The way that food is displayed plays a decisive role on how much you can expect…also to pay… Enjoy this packaging of…rice ?


One of my several passions I have is hosting. Of course, I need the time to feel at ease, but then I can forget the world around me and plan, cook, prepare, bake and obviously enjoy the actual hosting. Today was a Moroccan day (perhaps because some warmth is needed […]

Home sweet home

What a fantastic and colourful surprise after being away for nearly 3 weeks! Home sweet home…my kitchen and the possibility to be creative in the kitchen…home made wintery comfort food

Welcome back!

Welcome back into my life, beloved cappuccino! After a long 253 mornings with mineral water (initially and later) with mango lassi…welcome back! Your smooth touch to my lips, your warm soul and your earthy taste was dearly missed…welcome back!


What a great fish market…with the fish being so fresh all I really want is a kitchen for a few hours