Pollo spaccato e speziato

Why wait over 2 years to finally cook this delicious chicken dish…? Make sure you get an organic farm chicken to ensure the full taste! Wash it throughly and bath it in salted water for ca. 15 mins. During that time, make the marinade: juice of a lemon, 2-3 crushed […]


Another Italian Easter tradition: after the richness of Easter and in full spring, once the first greens of the year can be harvested, Italians like to bake what they call Erbazzone…erba is grass… an assembly of greens.  It is tasty the day you make it and it is a great […]

Eggplant caponata

And another great receipe from Sicily: eggplant caponata: never did I think that the mise-en-place was as important as during my first on-line cooking class today! What I also learnt is that the eggplant cubes need to be floating in the oli while frying. Put as many cubes as the […]

Sicilian whole orange cake

I had previously tried the semolina clementine cake, which is also rather moist and full of flavours, but no doubt this orange cake is richer and an explosion of southern Italian sun. For the batter, mix 3 eggs and 250g suger until they are very light and fluffy. It is […]

Easter lamb

In case you wondered what a passionate hobby cook like me likes to eat for Easter: lamb. I decided to serve it with my first go at smashed potatoes. I used a butter, garlic mix with parsley and chives.

Torta della nonna

One of the many traditions Italians have for Easter is the Torta della nonna: a shortcrust cake with a dense vanilla cream between the upper and lower dough. Once you have mixed together the shortcrust, let it rest for a good 30 mins in the fridge. For the cream, mix […]

Good Friday

As every Good Friday, we chose fish as our main meal: a firm white fish marinated with lemons. While the fish marinates, the broth is prepared: some white wine, pepper corns and a bay leaf. I let the mixture come to a boil and let it simmer for a few […]

Tasty mistake

You might have wondered where I was yesterday…sulking because of a pretty stupid, but tasty mistake I made: in these strange times, where it is difficult to find flour and yeast, I poured far too hot water into the yeast, which practically killed it 😨 As a result, my bread […]

Meatballs with lemon & celeriac

Inspired by Ottolenghi…but gave it my own twist: I made mixed lamb and beef meatballs that I fried in a pan with olive oil. To give them some distinguished taste, I added cumin, a lot of parsley some chopped onions as well as an egg and some bread crumbs to […]

Frangipane and pear tarte

My first attempt at Frangipane and can you believe it, my first attempt at blind baking. I am very happy with the result and will for sure have another go at it very soon. For the tarte, I mixed 200g butter with 60 powdered sugar, added 1 egg and an […]


Moqueca, traditional Brasilian fish and shrimps dish: I marinated the firm white fish and shrimps in lime juice, chopped coriander, crushed garlic, salt and pepper. For the sauce, I fried onion, peppers and tomatoes before adding the marinated fishe/shrimps and coconut milk. Once mixed, I let it simmer while cooking rice as a side.
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Grumolo with clementine sauce

Tonight’s starter was a green and red Grumolo salad with a clementine and sweet honey mustard sauce. The sweetness of the sauce is a perfect match to the slight bitter salad. The remaining sauce was great with today’s fresh bread. As a main, we had pasta with homemade pesto.

Pasta e piselli

Pasta e piselli: fry some finely chopped onions and garlic, add some kind of fatty meat and continue to fry on a low level until the fat is out (I used wild boar sauggage). Add the peas, some tomatoes (I used concentrated purée), water and let it simmer. Add the pasta (I used orzo) and some greens…due to lack of parsley, I added the leaves from some radishes. I also added the rind from the Parmesan I still had. Let it all cook together until the pasta is cooked to your likings.

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First lamb of the year

First lamb of the year: have made a point of choosing when I eat meat and where I buy it. I was lucky enough yesterday to get some lamb from a local farmer. I decided to cook it in the oven with some onions, garlic and carrots. As a side, I made some brussel sprouts as well as fried potatoes…not bad for my parents wedding anniversary ♥️ #blog #inmomskitchen #lamb #bratkartoffeln #rosenkohl #brusselssprouts #zurfeierdestages #slowcooking #lokaleinkaufen #localproducts #golocal #unterstützedeneinzelhandel #vomlokalenbauern

Pumpkin seeds spelt bread

Pumpkin seeds spelt bread: mix 100g of pumpkin seeds with 500g of flour, add 1 cube (42g) of fresh yeast to 500 ml of warm water and mix with the flour/seeds and finally add 10g of salt. Mix by hand for 5m and then bake in a buttered cake form for 45 mins at 180 degrees.

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Rainy Sunday afternoon project: I first put them into hot water and let them boil for a few minutes…then peeled them…then dried them…then roasted them with salt…when is it apéro time?

Rainy Sunday afternoon project: I first put them into hot water and let them boil for a few minutes…then peeled them…then dried them…then roasted them with salt…when is it apéro time? 🥃

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Home made pitas

Another first…another step into the right direction…so happy to be able to make my own pitas

Comfort food

I thought I was going to get sick…gladly I was just exhausted and needed to pull the plug for a day! This comfort food, inspired by Ottolenghi, was the right dish for my body and soul: very simple to make and soooo tasty! Orzo and shrimps cooked in a tomato […]


What a nice surprise…sweet potato gnocchi, which I served with cavolo nero. The contrast in both taste and colour…a dish to repeat!! To start, I made a simple salad with brussels sprouts on a sweet honey mustard sauce and the Diana Henry inspired pommegranade and orange cake. A very nice […]

New Year…old traditions

There is no better way to start a cold and sunny day in the best city: Bürkliplatz market. Mother nature is producing less and less with the frosty nights…but just have a look at these beauties…

There is no New Year without…

For me, there is no New Year without this mouthwatering pizza a scarola: a receipe from nonna from bella Napoli… I can’t wait until it cools down a bit to be able to take my first slice… 😋 Here is to a healthy, inspiring and foody 2020 🥂

Colourful comfort food

Had to try out this simple and tasty comfort food dish myself after being inspired by #ottolenghi An absolute winner, which will for sure accompany me for a while