Home made pitas

Another first…another step into the right direction…so happy to be able to make my own pitas

Comfort food

I thought I was going to get sick…gladly I was just exhausted and needed to pull the plug for a day! This comfort food, inspired by Ottolenghi, was the right dish for my body and soul: very simple to make and soooo tasty! Orzo and shrimps cooked in a tomato […]


What a nice surprise…sweet potato gnocchi, which I served with cavolo nero. The contrast in both taste and colour…a dish to repeat!! To start, I made a simple salad with brussels sprouts on a sweet honey mustard sauce and the Diana Henry inspired pommegranade and orange cake. A very nice […]

New Year…old traditions

There is no better way to start a cold and sunny day in the best city: Bürkliplatz market. Mother nature is producing less and less with the frosty nights…but just have a look at these beauties…

There is no New Year without…

For me, there is no New Year without this mouthwatering pizza a scarola: a receipe from nonna from bella Napoli… I can’t wait until it cools down a bit to be able to take my first slice… 😋 Here is to a healthy, inspiring and foody 2020 🥂

Colourful comfort food

Had to try out this simple and tasty comfort food dish myself after being inspired by #ottolenghi An absolute winner, which will for sure accompany me for a while